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WHAT IF . . .

You Could Magically Transform Your Kitchen Into The Future

Transform your kitchen with Fantastic Freezer Converter inserted in your Frigidaire upright freezer

No matter how big or small, old or new, big budget or no budget; you can quickly and easily transform your kitchen into an entire new dimension by simply converting your upright Frigidaire Freezer into a FANTASTIC FREEZER.  

HERE'S HOW: Simply remove your standard freezer shelves and insert the Fantastic Organizer (2 side panels, 12 adjustable pullout shelves with shelf labels). No tools required. PRESTO! 

BONUS: Imagine if your kitchen could offer you and your family individual meal choices of the finest meals in minutes the same way as the best restaurants . . . except at a fraction of the cost.  And also Find Everything In-A-Flash in your FANTASTIC FREEZER!



What if these meals could reduce your grocery cost by 20% to 30% or more?

And what if the quality and taste of these meals could increase significantly?

And what if your meal prep time could go from hours of busy time to a few minutes of free enjoyable time ?

And what if you could expand your kitchen space and usefulness with no alterations or home improvement costs?

Seems impossible? 

Actually it's the easiest and least costly thing you'll ever do.

Here's Your OMG Moment . . .

Fantastic Freezer Converter insert in Frigidaire freezer

You may need a moment (or two), to think this over:

Quickly convert your upright freezer to a Fantastic Freezer. Replace the standard fixed shelves with the Fantastic Organizer. No Tools needed.

The Organizer consists of two lightweight side panels with rails to hold the sliding adjustable pullout shelves with labels.

We recommend having your FANTASTIC FREEZER close to your kitchen for quick easy access.  Simply move ONE CHAIR from your dining room corner nearest your kitchen and put your new FANTASTIC FREEZER there.

After doing exactly that, here's Gail Nichols, our Co-Founder, with her Fantastic Organizer in her Frigidaire 20 Cu. Ft. freezer.  Just look at the fantastic frozen food storage space she recaptured from otherwise unused prime freezer space.

PRESTO! Your kitchen and your life just changed Fantastically.


The Best Meals Ever . . . In-A-Flash


Instead of preparing meals morning, noon and night (or spending your life in restaurants); on the odd weekend (or whenever you're in the mood), you could  bulk buy, batch cook your most favorite meals, portion pack and put them in your FANTASTIC FREEZER located beside the kitchen where you can find anything and everything In-A-Flash.  

Then enjoy life and your favorite meals whenever . . . 

Who Needs This

Relax more when you have a Fantastic Freezer Converter insert in your upright Frigidaire freezer

Sure, Busy Families Need This. BUT So Do Others That Don't Yet Know It.

SENIORS are, by far, the greatest beneficiaries of a Fantastic Freezer.  This presents a needed alternative for those who may not wish, or be able, to cook for themselves.  

A FANTASTIC FREEZER can hold weeks of prepared food instead of just a day or two in small side-by-side freezer refrigerators.  Portion-packed prepared frozen food ensures the right foods in the right quantities are fresh and available. Frozen foods are fresher than fresh food left for days. It's easy to find your foods of choice in a FANTASTIC FREEZER. 

Singles have more time when they own a Fantastic Freezer Converter insert  for their upright freezer

Singles That Live Alone

Eating out or ordering in are nice treats - but not every day. During or after a busy day, the ability to change your mind about what you want to eat is now a Fantastic reality.  And at a much lower cost

If convenience and saving money are factors in your life, you'll love your new FANTASTIC FREEZER lifestyle.


THE REALITY: Choices, Choices, Choices

Seldom does everyone in a family want the same thing at meal time. Now you all have choices you never had before.

We all change our minds during the day regarding what's for dinner.  Even at the very last minute.  Your FANTASTIC FREEZER accommodates split-second changes in choices.

A Converted freezer can do all that


Once In A While, A Really New Appliance Emerges

So new, it takes a moment to discover how a simple yet radical idea will literally change your life in ways you never imagined.  Your FANTASTIC FREEZER will immediately become your most important appliance ever.

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Gail will gladly answer your questions and concerns openly and honestly. This will help us continue to improve the Fantastic Organizer. She'll help you organize bulk buying, batch cooking and portion packing for low cost freezer meals.

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