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tavolino della notte Ristorante

The Fantastic Refrigerator Organizer at Tavolino Della Notte Ristorante

Tavolino's Problem And Solution

This very popular South Florida Italian Family-Owned Restaurant of 11 years needed to solve a long-standing perplexing problem:  Refrigerated food containers stacked on 3 fixed shelves with most hidden at the back - causing speed of service to suffer since staff couldn't quickly find things plus 30% wasted space.  The solution was The Fantastic Refrigerator Organizer.  Everything Found In-A-Flash + 30% more storage. Please notice the 2 empty shelves at the bottom of 7 pullout shelves in this photo of Tavolino's Fantastic Organizer.  30% added storage AFTER everything was replaced.

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The Miracle Moment

As The Fantastic Organizer's 10-minute installation was being completed, a chef needed to find two items quickly.  In seconds, the owner quickly pulled out the Fantastic Organizer shelves to fully display the containers. The chef instantly saw the items they needed, grabbed them and completed the order while it was still hot and fresh.  This entire event took less than 10 seconds.  A miraculous improvement over fixed shelving with stacked containers.

Fast Forward To The Bottom Line:

Most busy kitchens are cramped for space.  Refrigerated food can't be left sitting on counters.  Food rotation for expiry date control is critical. The adjustable pullout shelves with labels in Fantastic Organizers turn limited refrigerator, freezer and walk-in cooler space into more productive space. It is the difference between efficiency and inefficiency - bottom line profits or losses.

Within Seconds After Installation, The Value Was Proven

Whether you choose to rent or buy; cost is always a factor.  Particularly when evaluating equipment like The Fantastic Organizer that you may not have seen before.  The immediate and substantial cost savings as well as operational benefits you have yet to experience are not yet obvious to you.  The instantaneous cost benefits of speedier service and reclaimed space proved the value to Tavolino.

Common Sense Prevails

When first watching the following demo video, most people immediately recognize the importance of the unique features, functions and obvious benefits of Fantastic Organizers . . . but hesitate ordering because they've never seen one before.  Fear of the Unknown. Resistance to Change.  But fear not - Fantastic Organizers are unique because of their obvious common sense advantages.

Join Tavolino And Test One Yourself . . . As They Did.

Sure, every application is different.  Let us visit with you to help evaluate your needs as we did with the owners of Tavolino Della Notte.  We'll discuss your needs and select a test unit for you.  We will also give you a full analysis of your profitability opportunities once your test is completed.  Start with reviewing the information here and videos below . . . then call us to schedule your visit with us in your facility.

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Sometimes Common Sense Is Revolutionary


Of Course, Increased Profitability Starts With Increased Efficiency,

But what if your operation is already efficient ?

Then a revolutionary advancement becomes essential to increasing profitability for Visionaries:

Food Waste = Lost Profits: The National Restaurant Association says that between 4-10% of food 

purchased by a food service operation is discarded before reaching the customer.

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Check Out This Video - See how easily you can DOUBLE your storage capacity. Find Everything In-A-Flash! 

for Fridge + freezer + prep table



Within minutes you can easily convert your  FOOD SERVICE Freezer and Refrigerator Nightmare into a Dream.

Now everything is magically "Found-In-A Flash". 

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FANTASTIC LABELING – Easy-To-Read, Adjustable, Heavy-Duty, Virtually Indestructible, Food Grade:

  1. More efficient daily operations
  2. Reduced food costs through rotating and locating food you previously couldn’t find fast
  3. Increased customer service through more efficient staff time


HERE'S HOW Your Fantastic Organizer Pays For Itself BEFORE You Pay For It:


FANTASTIC SHELVING – Pullout,  Adjustable, Label-Ready, Lightweight, Heavy-Duty, Virtually Indestructible, Washable: 

  1. Double Operating Capacity of your freezers, fridges and prep tables in the same floor space
  2. Double Your Growth without buying more refrigeration and by better use of what you already have
  3. TRIPLE Your Net Profit by adding 4-10% from wasted foods to your bottom line by finding items In-A-Flash
  4. Increase Sales 7%-10% by accurately filling orders In-A-Flash. . . particularly at rush hour.
  5. SPEED UP YOUR SERVICE. Fast & efficient labeling of shelves is critical for speeding up service AND SALES

Pre-Prepared Meals – Prepare and refrigerate fastest selling items in slow staff time, thus increasing sales & profits

“Today’s Specials” – prepare & refrigerate specials in advance, thus increasing profits & customer satisfaction


FOOD SERVICE food storage

Convert Your Existing Shelving To Increase Profits

Industrial Refrigerators and Freezers (as used in Food Service) are built for continuous use including larger storage capacity than consumer products and are made in smaller quantities, thus cost more to produce.

Similarly, Fantastic Organizers for Industrial Refrigerators and Freezers have more heavy-duty design including larger shelving and longer rails with more complex sidewall configurations for multiple compartment units as compared with Fantastic Organizers for consumers' homes, thus cost more to produce.


GOOD NEWS! The Fantastic Organizer is compliant for the commercial market since it is designed and engineered to the highest standards using specially formulated thermoplastic polymers which are USDA, FDA and NSF compliant for highest strength and continuous non-stick use in super frozen and refrigerated environments.  

Food Service companies are highly concerned about food costs and storage.

Food waste not only means less money for Food Service companies, their stakeholders, and their employees, it can also drive up the price of food. No food service company wants to throw away potential profit, yet so many do.  

Fantastic Organizer shelves and labels can reduce costs and improve efficiencies for your food prep and storage. (Learn How in the section above)

The National Restaurant Association says that between 4-10 percent of food purchased by a restaurant or food service operation is discarded before reaching the customer.  We can help you quickly recapture lost profits.

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 Turn your Nightmare into a Dream.  

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