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Our Top World Award Winning Products


Our Best Known Worldwide Product


The FANTASTIC ORGANIZER is simply the next evolution of our Smithsonian Computerworld Award winning products.

These RETURNABLE Security Shipping Containers, that you see almost everyday, are examples of world class products we created and patented years ago that today are found in virtually every store and in every country and in most households worldwide. 

At first, we couldn't give these containers away because cardboard boxes were so cheap - but they were only for one-time use and were costly to dispose of. Today these security containers you see everywhere are the standard Worldwide.


Our Most Benevolent Worldwide Product


We are the original creators of  the Virtual Call Center technology and business method. We invented this at the beginning of the Internet to create meaningful employment for people with disabilities and others such as young parents and seniors who needed to work from home at their convenience.

At first, governments accused us of ghettoizing and exploiting people with telecommuting while today over 2 million people are employed around the world in Virtual Call Centers.  You probably talk to one of these agents almost daily at a major retailer, hospital, government office or any other service provider worldwide. We received a Smithsonian Computerworld Award and President's Task Force Award for our creation.

Today Virtual Call Centers, employing millions of people with disabilities and others needing to work from home serving you, are the standard Worldwide.in 1990


Our Most Beneficial Worldwide Product


Virtually everything you eat or drink came through our most important product creation: Stainless Steel Seamless Continuous Food Processing Systems. 

Previously, all food and beverages were produced with Take-Apart Piping Systems that were disassembled at the end of each day and manually cleaned. . .a haven for bacteria. 

Continuous Piping Systems were created by us in 1972 at which time Kraft Foods, by Mr. Kraft personally, gave us our first major order for their then newest plant in Allentown PA., the largest food plant ever built until then.

Currently, Continuous Piping Systems, that you benefit from every day, are the food processing standard Worldwide. 


Our Most Used Product Is Still Gaining Traction Worldwide


In 1981, we began the first SAME DAY Office Products Delivery Service that soon expanded to numerous U.S. Cities with the help of Glaser Brothers, a Gulf & Western Company headquartered in Los Angeles.  In Dallas / Fort Worth, we were called STAPLES.  In 1982 , we were bought by the founders of what today is known as STAPLES Office Products.

In 1987, based on our success in Same Day Rapid Delivery, we created the first 30 Minute Rapid Delivery servive with McDonald's then called Willow and subsequently renamed to The 30 Minute Mall.  In 2004 with the help of Tom Monaghan, founder of DOMINO'S PIZZA, we renamed it to The NOW Mall. We attracted major competitors like Google Express, eBay NOW and Amazon as well as myriad others.

They all attempted to copy our "Secret Sauce" developed over the years with mentors like McDonald's and Tom Monaghan, but none were profitable.

Both Google and eBay gave up trying to find our Secret Sauce. The others, including Amazon, are still trying to find it. They continued with huge losses while raising billions in the search of the Secret Sauce.  After all, if we could discover the secrets to profitable Rapid Delivery, they are convinced they will eventually find it.

And maybe they will ?

in 1990, as our Home and Office Rapid Fulfillment and Delivery business was rapidly expanding, staffing for our myriad telephone orders became a major problem. As the Internet was just beginning to catch on, we were able to create the first Virtual Call Center accomodating people who needed to work from home such as young parents and people with disabilities for which we subsequently received the coveted Smithsonian Computerworld Award.  This became unbelieveabley successful with the help of Bell South, ADP and the State of Florida, .  The Virtual Call Center was purchased in 2005 by the owners of Home Shopping Network (HSN), one of our first and largest customers at that time.

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Smithsonian Computerworld Award Winners

Gail Nichols and Richard Cherry, the Wife and Husband founders and chief executive officers are shown here receiving their Smithsonian Computerworld Award for creating the now worldwide internet-based Virtual Call Centers of today, employing millions of people in virtually every country worldwide.  Willow CSN (now Arise.com) provides our award winning  work-from-home call center.


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We invite you to join with us as an excited new Customer experiencing the beginning of  our newest FANTASTIC ORGANIZER products that will amaze you and your family, friends and business partners.  

You can also join our team as Partners or Retailers or Stakeholders as, once again, we begin our growth with our newest patented products that will revolutionize the Home & Food Services Appliance Industries....Worldwide.  

You can participate as a Fantastic Founder Champion by contributing to our R&D. We'll recognize you with a Fantastic Champion Certificate and keep you posted on our progress.  

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Valuable Or Not ?

In our early years, we didn't bother with patents because we felt they were too expensive and nobody would copy us.  Then one day we watched a competitor buy one of our newest products, copy and sell it below our cost after we spent a fortune developing it.  We weren't protected so there was nothing we could do.. Thereafter, we patented everything we developed.

What About Foreign Competitors ?

Before we go to market, we make absolutely sure our product has met all competitive tests such as: product excellence, reliability, simplicity, and cost / pricing.  After that, most competitors realize that without the U.S. Market there may not be enough demand elsewhere for their costs and efforts, so their first attempt is always to request a licensing agreement as we have done with all of our past worldwide successes.  

FANTASTIC ORGANIZER Is A Super Product Attracting Super Competitors.

Our Security Shipping Containers, Virtual Call Centers and Stainless Steel Continuous Piping Systems discussed above, are Super Products. During the time before these patents expired we made sure we provided excellent sales, service and customer support to stabilize our products against such future competitor inroads thus protecting us with happy loyal customers.

IN SUMMARY, a good competitor helps create an even larger marketplace, so our long term objective is to always remain in the top position.