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Fantastic fridge / freezer organizer for homes & food service

Fantastic fridge / freezer organizer for homes & food service

Fantastic fridge / freezer organizer for homes & food serviceFantastic fridge / freezer organizer for homes & food serviceFantastic fridge / freezer organizer for homes & food service

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Check Out This Video -  WOW!!  We had overwhelmingly positive response to our Fantastic Organizer at the Fort Lauderdale Home Show on May 25-28, 2018.

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Check Out This Video -  Watch how to quickly organize your upright Fridge or Freezer in your Home or Food Service location.  Find Everything In-A-Flash! 

for upright fridge & freezer

Fantastic Organizer for Fridge and Freezer.  Adjustable pullout shelves with labels.


The Fantastic Organizer is inserted into an upright freezer or fridge (or pantry), replacing the standard shelving.  It includes 2 lightweight side panels with rails, 12 adjustable, pull-out shelves and 10 Sample Shelf Labels. No tools needed. 

The Fantastic Organizer is designed and engineered to the highest standards using NSF compliant specially formulated thermoplastic polymers for highest strength and continuous non-stick use in a super frozen or refrigerated environment.  

The Fantastic Organizer dramatically increases air circulation for fast and thorough freezing and cooling of foods. Extra shelves and customized shelf labels are available in any language using our special label order forms. 

Now everything is magically "Found-In-A Flash".

100% Increase in your storage capacity

30% Saving in food cost

100% Saving in your time

Turns Your Nightmare Into A Dream



Your storage Nightmare is instantly converted into a Dream where everything is Found-In-A-Flash thanks to our revolutionary FANTASTIC LABELING SYSTEM.

You can instantly move these labels anywhere In-A-Flash. They are waterproof, freezer-proof, attractive and easy-to-read. You'll save a fortune in food costs by reducing leftover food spoilage, bulk food purchasing and large batch cooking; all of which reduce food cost as well as food prep time for your most favorite meals.

Your FANTASTIC ORGANIZER comes with 2 side panels, 12 adjustable, pull-out shelves and 10 Sample Shelf Labels.  You can order customized labels to your needs in any language on our special label order forms.


FITS MOST UPRIGHT FRIDGES & FREEZERS. Comes With 12 Adjustable, Removable Pullout Shelves + 10 Sample Shelf Labels. Easy Assembly. No Tools Required.

Improve your lifestyle and lower your food cost. 

Convert your upright Fridge & Freezer with a FANTASTIC ORGANIZER. Enjoy  financial and physical freedom.  

You'll Be The Talk Of The Town.

All upright freezers take virtually the same "one chair" floor space. Essentially the height varies with the cubic feet

Larger cubic foot freezers are more cost effective. 

So consider the tremendous benefits of a larger freezer when equipped with a FANTASTIC ORGANIZER. 

Yes, we can provide FANTASTIC ORGANIZERS for smaller size freezers but you'll quickly wish you had more space for things you never previously considered. We recommend upgrading both your Refrigerator and Freezer.

It's The Easiest Thing You'll Ever Do

Fantastic Organizer adjustable pullout shelves with labels for freezers and refrigerators

Your FANTASTIC FRIDGE & FREEZER become your Kitchen's Most Important Appliances. Move your FANTASTIC FREEZER from the garage to your kitchen or dining room.

Just like the finest restaurant . . . everyone can now have whatever they want . . . whenever they want it.  In-A-Flash.  From your FANTASTIC FRIDGE & FREEZER to the oven or microwave in seconds comes everyone's favorite choice, fresh and delicious, just as you batch cooked it when you were in the mood.  Unlike at a restaurant, you know exactly what's in it.  Importantly, you portion-packed it so everyone gets just the right amount . . . not too little, or too much for a new healthy lifestyle.  

No longer must everyone have the same thing cooked at the same time.  Of course, you can also bulk buy prepared meals from discount clubs and retailers to freeze for later. Take advantage of deals and save BIG.

Designed and Engineered to the Highest Standards

The Fantastic Organizer is designed and engineered to the highest standards using NSF compliant specially formulated thermoplastic polymers for highest strength and continuous non-stick use in a super frozen and refrigerated environment.  Dramatically increases air circulation for fast and thorough freezing and cooling of your finest fresh food.

Cost Savings You Want And Deserve

Buy in bulk, batch cook, portion pack and store for easy retrieval.  These reduce your food cost and prep time while improving your daily lifestyle. 

Pays for your Fantastic Organizer "In-A-Flash".

containers FOR portion-pack meals



PORTION-PACKING foods for freezers needs to be Fast and Easy.

LABELING IS ESSENTIAL since most foods look very different when frozen.

Square Food containers stack higher than round or rectangular and are thus better for freezers with pullout shelves.

Label-Ready lids are angle-cut to hold labels solidly in place in freezers for long periods of time and are easily removed.

OUR 5 SIZES – Stack Neatly Above Your Refrigerator Or Freezer (see photo)

  • 4 oz containers as perfect "Single Portions” for healthy diets
  • 16 oz containers make a perfect meal “Entrée” when portion packed
  • 24 oz containers make a perfect "Full meal" when portion packed
  • 40 oz containers make a perfect "Meal For Two" when portion packed
  • 80 oz ORGANIZERS (Not Shown) hold 8 - 4 oz containers perfectly - essential for large batch cooking single portions.

Fantastic Freezer Containers with label-ready lids + labels

Fantastic Freezer Containers with label-ready lids + labels

FANTASTIC Large Batch Freezing

Enhance Your Lifestyle Food Choices

Most foods are easily frozen.  Prepackaged frozen foods are less expensive AND FRESHER than "Fresh Foods" that sat in trucks, warehouses and stores for weeks (or more) before they reached your home.  Packaged frozen foods are properly cleaned and frozen within a few miles of where they were grown around the world and remain as fresh as the day they were harvested.

Your FANTASTIC ORGANIZER Shelves are made of high density NSF Compliant thermoplastic polymers that are used in the finest professional cutting boards.  Now you can cut large batches of meats, fruits and vegetables directly on these FANTASTIC ORGANIZER SHELVES and then pop them into your FANTASTIC FREEZER in minutes.  They won't stick to the surface.  Something you could NEVER do before.

Look at this Fantastic Orange & Banana Smoothie Treat.  Prepare for the tastiest HEALTHIEST smoothie you'll ever have.  You are looking at 9 juice oranges and 9 large bananas WITH PEELS STILL ON that were cut into small sections and frozen on a standard FANTASTIC ORGANIZER SHELF.  

To make a FANTASTIC SMOOTHIE, measure an equal amount of Cubed & Frozen Oranges and Bananas WITH PEELS ON (or any other fruit) and add equal ounces of Half & Half cream, NO SUGAR.  Gradually blend the frozen fruit into the cream.  Fruit and vegetable peels are filled with concentrated healthy nutrients that are normally wasted.  They are a unique and unusually delicious treat . . .  for the more venturesome health-conscious try eating the fruit and saving the peels for the smoothie (look online for health benefits) AND DISCOVER THE MONEY YOU JUST SAVED.

There are myriad similar treats (and foods) that your FANTASTIC ORGANIZER opens up for you and your family.



Turn Your Expensive Storage Nightmare Into A Dream

You paid up to $1200 (or even more) for your Upright Fridge or Freezer that only uses about 40% of available space.  

You use your freezer sparingly because you probably put it in the garage.  So, by transforming this inefficient box with a FANTASTIC ORGANIZER, you now have the most important appliance in your home. You'll want to move it close to the kitchen, probably in the dining room nearest the kitchen because you will use it frequently and thus improve your initial investment. 

Conventional shelves in freezers create storage nightmares

This Is The Nightmare You Probably Have In Your Garage

Finding things quickly in this Nightnare is almost impossible for other members of your family and probably you too.


This Is The Future. Organize Your Fridge & Freezer Now. Or Buy A New Bigger One For Greater Convenience.

All of a sudden size really does matter.  The bigger the better because nothing is lost any longer. 

Upright Freezers take virtually the same floor space as ONE chair.  Therefore, your FANTASTIC FREEZER with its higher usefulness now BELONGS IN, OR NEAR, YOUR KITCHEN.  

You can easily rearrange shelves and labels or remove an entire shelf when needed to accommodate varying item sizes.

fantastic organizer for home - 95 cents a day ($29/month)

Save $150 - home fridge or freezer organizer: single pay

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